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Greetings! Our JPEG Resizer enables you to effortlessly resize multiple images at once, saving you time and effort. We prioritize your data privacy and security, thus we don't upload images to any external server. All processing is done on the client side, ensuring the integrity of both your file and image. Don't hesitate any longer, begin resizing your images now!

How to resize JPEG images ?

  1. Select your image.
  2. Select your configurations.
  3. Then download it.
Image being Resized

Why us?


All the images will stay in your browser. No images will be sent.


Handling all the manipulation client side saves the upload time, works fast.


All these features are given to you at no cost, to keep a bright smile on your face.


What is the full form of JPEG?

Joint Photographic Expert Group.

Does resizing affect the image quality?

Resizing an image changes its dimension and hence affects its quality.

What makes us different?

Speed, Efficiency, and Security.

Can I select my personal images?

Yes, because we don’t upload any images.

How does this work?

The magic of Javascript Canvas API.