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How to resize to 100 KB ?

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All the images will stay in your browser. No images will be sent.


Handling all the manipulation client side saves the upload time, works fast.


All these features are given to you at no cost, to keep a bright smile on your face.


Will resizing an image to 100 KB affect its resolution or clarity?

We use lossless compression method that changes the height and width of the image to reduce its size. So, resizing an image to 100 KB will affect its resolution or clarity.

Do I need to pay for resizing images?

The clear and correct answer is no. You don't need to pay a single penny for using our service to resize / crop / compress images.

Are there any limitations or considerations when resizing an image to such a specific file size?

There are certain limitations. There are many images that can not be reduced beyond a certain limit. Moreover, if the size of your image is already below the given specific size then there will be no resizing.

How does resizing an image to 100 KB impact its loading time on a website or mobile app?

Resizing an image to 100 KB have a very positive impact on your website. It will reduce the loading time of the website and provide a seamless user-experience. Similarly, resizing an image to 100 kb reduces the bundle size of your application and it would reduce the application size.

What are the supported image extensions?

Online Pic Resize being an web-based image editor supports almost all the frequently used image extensions like jpeg, png, bmp, etc.

How Online pic resizer resize the images?

Online Pic Resizer uses some of the modern in-browser technologies in order to resize, crop, compress, and reduce your images. Some of the key technologies include Canvas API, Web Workers, Blob, & File.

What are drawbacks of resizing images to 100kb?

Resizing any image to 100kb will change the the width and height of the image. This can make the image blurry because it affects the image quality and resolution.

What are various uses of images of 20kb?

There are diverse use of images of 20kb. Various social media have fixed limit of image size for avatar. Similarly, if you are design an icon for a website then it also can be really useful. Email signatures, chat app, embedding your image in document, etc are some other features of resizing images to 20kb.