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How to reduce to 70kb ?

  1. Select your image.
  2. Select your configurations.
  3. Then download it.
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Why us?


All the images will stay in your browser. No images will be sent.


Handling all the manipulation client side saves the upload time, works fast.


All these features are given to you at no cost, to keep a bright smile on your face.


Why to resize image to 70kb ?

Well, there can be a various reasons for that but I will enlist the main points. First, it will reduce the image file size so that you can save storage on your device. Second, if you are using this image/images on your website then reducing the size will allow you to improve the loading speed. Third, there are certain devices having a image size limit so reducing the image size will make the image supportive for those devices.

Can I batch resize multiple images to 70 KB at once?

Yes, you can resize multiple images to 70 KB at once using Online Pic Resizer. Just select as many as images you want and then click on the compress button in editor. For downloading all these images in zip format, click on the download button present on the top-right corner of the editor and select download all option.

How does it work?

Online Pic Resizer uses some of the modern in-browser technologies in order to resize, crop, compress, and reduce your images. Some of the key technologies include Canvas API, Web Workers, Blob, & File.

Is Online Pic Resizer free?

Yes, Online Pic Resizer is completely free and you can use any of it functionality without paying a single penny. We completely rely on Ads and CrowdFunding for financing our website.